Got an idea for a new beverage?

Drink-SpaceWith our market-leading expertise and beverage development know-how

Drink-Space can deliver your idea from innovative concept all the way through to cost-effective production. We are a one stop source for your beverage project.

Our years of experience of beverage development ensures our clients get the highest quality consulting services.
We work with drink developers and manufacturers to ensure we find the best and most cost-effective solution for your drink.


WHY DO YOU NEED A BEVERAGE CONSULTING อยากทำสินค้าเครื่องดื่มทำไมต้องใช้ที่ปรึกษา

Beverage Industry: The unstoppable

Even the time of pandemic, beverage industry in Thailand continues to be one of the highest growth categories among FMCG products. The possibility is endless IF you have the right tool.

* Q3/2020  Statista


$ 0 BN

Market size
(Non Alcohol)

$ 0 BN

Market Value
of functional drink

50 %

Growth of
Healthy drink

5 %

Growth During
Pandemic time

DRINK-SPACE Beverage Development
Easy Steps

Define your vision

Here we take the idea for your drink and develop it into a full, market-ready concept. Understanding all the aspects of your beverage project helps us to accurately develop and formulate a commercially viable recipe that will work with your overall business strategy.

Drink Proposal

Identify your key needs and requirements for your beverage. Work together with you to identify and develop the best concept for your drink.

Building your beverage

Perform a price analysis, source ingredients, identify cost ,and reduction opportunities. Develop initial samples and deliver samples for you to test and review.

Prototype Tasting

Our formulation team begins the recipe development process by sourcing all necessary raw materials. Throughout the process, we will revise the recipe–up to 3 times –to create your desired beverage recipe, ready for commercial manufacturing.

Laboratory Process

Develop initial samples to perform LAB TEST as per Thai FDA requirements. Reformulate as necessary, optimize the formula, and deliver samples for you to test and review.

Deliver the Formula

Once a commercially viable recipe is complete, we will sign a Transfer & Acceptance Agreement. You can register the recipe as your intellectual property.


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Functional Drink

Vitamin Water

Beauty Beverage

Proteins Beverage

Herb Drink

Energy Drink

Sports Drink